of Zaporizhzhіa National University

Publication Policy (Pedagogical Sciences)

Scientific Journal «Bulletin of Zaporizhzhia National University. Pedagogical Sciences» is a peer-reviewed scientific pedagogical edition, which publishes materials of scientists of various levels in the form of scientific articles for the purpose of their dissemination both among domestic researchers and abroad.

Only original and high quality scientific articles that have not been printed are published in the scientific journal.

The purpose of the scientific journal is to publish scientific articles of Ukrainian and foreign scholars aimed at developing the theory and practice of general secondary and higher education; scientific substantiation of theoretical foundations of general pedagogy and history of pedagogy, theory of education, vocational education, pedagogy of higher education.

The main tasks of the scientific journal are:

  1. Methodological - discussion of the content, problems and perspectives of the development of theory and practice of education and training.
  2. Informational - providing descriptions and results of pedagogical research, professional analytical reviews, experience of leading educational institutions, informing about changes in legislation, etc.

Formation of a scientific community - publication of articles by researchers from different regions of Ukraine and the international scientific field.

The basic principles underlying the editorial policy of the scientific journal are:

  • objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for publication;
  • high demand for quality research;
  • blind review of articles (reviewers don’t know the authors' information);
  • collegiality in decision-making regarding publication of articles;
  • copyright and confidentiality;
  • compliance with academic integrity and anti-plagiarism policies.

Reviewers of scientific materials are appointed by the Secretary of the Editorial Board of the Journal. Reviewing has two main functions for improving the quality of research:

  • to determine the authenticity, significance and originality of the article;
  • to suggest ways to improve the quality of publications.

The scientific journal is published in printed form with the publication of issues on the site in electronic form.

The authors are fully responsible for the accuracy of the information in the article as for the compliance of the materials with the laws, morals and ethics.

The Editorial Board is not responsible for the professional content and methodological correctness of the published materials, as well as for the correctness of the references to the Internet-resources and literary sources contained in the text of the article.

The Editorial Board of the scientific journal hopes that its activities will promote the development of both national and international pedagogical science.