of Zaporizhzhya National University

REVIEW POLICY (Economical Sciences)

All articles sent to the editorial board of “The Bulletin of Zaporizhzhya National University. Economic Sciences” are undergoing the review process. The review aims to improve the quality of scientific articles published in the bulletin, by involving highly skilled staff who have sufficient experience of scientific work in the relevant scientific field to evaluate the materials. The procedure means mandatory single blind process and double-blind reviews as well.

The submitted scientific articles are reviewed, if they strictly correspond to the "Requirements for articles", and were primary read by the editorial staff.

Reviewers of each article are: one of the editorial board members, and, in order to avoid a "conflict of interest", an external reviewer, that is, a PhD in Economics or Doctor of economics who does not work with the author of the article in one organization.

The review procedure is anonymous for both the reviewer and the authors. The editor provides the article with the registration code and removes from it the information about the author (authors) (article coding). The encoded article is sent by e-mail to the reviewer. The reviewer who received the encoded article fills in the standard review form. The review should provide comprehensive and objective assessment, advantages` and disadvantages` analysis of the contributed article.

Review (review criteria)

І. The code and title of the article.

ІІ.Content of the article

  • Does the article correspond the profile of the journal "Bulletin of ZNU. Economic Sciences »? (If not, then its further analysis is not required)
  • Does the article have scientific novelty? Is it a review or scientific and methodological article?
  • Do the title of the article, keywords, abstract meat its content?
  • Are the research methods informatively and accurately described?
  • Does the author prove logically the discussed and valid conclusions?
  • Does the text meet the stylistic norms in academic writing?
  • Are references to other studies sufficient and necessary?

ІІІ. Article layout

  • Are tables and illustrations vivid and informative?
  • Are scientific categories and concepts correctly and appropriately used?
  • Are abbreviations clear?

ІV. Additional comments of reviewers

V. Recommendations

  • Accepted as it was contributed
  • Accepted, with small editorial revisions agreed by authors
  • Accepted after considerable revision
  • Rejected outright

If the article is rejected or needs a revision, the reviewer must provide written, reasoned explanation of the decision. The time of the review writing is two weeks from the moment of article receipt.

The editorial decision is sent to the author (authors). The articles which need revision are sent to the author (s) along with the text of the review, which contains specific recommendations for the revision of the article. Anonymity of reviewers is guaranteed by the editorial staff of the scientific journal. The revised version of the article is sent for the further review.

Articles review in the scientific journal "Bulletin of Zaporizhzhya National University. Economic Sciences »is free of charge. The editorial staff do not disclose information about the reviewer.

The final decision about article publishing is taken by the editorial board, taking into account the received reviews, as well as the motivated response of the author (s) of the article.

All reviews are kept in the editors office in written form during five years.